Teqwave Management Pack for Citrix Licensing helps ensure Citrix licenses are available and issued when requested by Citrix infrastructure. Its abilities include:

  • Autodiscovers Citrix license servers, services, and all installed product licenses and license files
  • Alerts on failing license server services or issues with Citrix vendor daemon by executing active service and port checks as well as tracking their resource use
  • Identifies high product license utilization and warns before license and subscription advantage dates are about to expire

If your Citrix environment expands through multiple domains, it is difficult to get information about the licenses for the specific domain.
The »License Usage by Type (User/Device)« report will give you more detailed information on used licenses for each domain. The report works on the »User/Device« type of license and breaks down the license usage by the domain name.

You can drill down (click on the specific domain name) to see the usage of licenses for this specific domain over time. However, some requirements need to be fulfilled before the Management Pack can collect this kind of data from the Citrix License server – please see details in the user guide to properly set registry keys on the Citrix License Server and enable PowerShell Snap-In.